N. Aegean


Lesvos is an island with thick plantation, since the olive trees and the pine forests in many parts reach the long, golden, sandy beaches.  The visitor may need a few days in order to have enough time to taste all the natural beauties, the monuments and all the sights worth-seeing.  Here we meet the famous petrified forest that was created millions of years ago by a volcano eruption.  There are also many areas of archaeological interest in many parts of the island, like the ancient Mythimna, Ermopylia, Clopedy and the ancient theater of Mytilena, worth competing the one in Epidavros.


The ideal island for quiet and relaxing vacation, Lemnos invites the visitor to enjoy the marvelous beaches combined in a unique way with its volcanic scenery.  The island offers rich and ancient tradition and history, since it has been a significant center in the ancient times, where historic memories are alive in every corner. A few miles south and in the center of north aegean sea is situated the island of Agios Efstratios, which together with Lemnos form the homonymous municipal area.


The island of Chios, together with the islands Psara and Oinouses form the homonymous municipal part.  Chios carries the name of the aromatic island, since the wonderful smells that emerge from the gardens and the mastic trees, flood the southern part.  The traditional homeland of Homer is one of the most important cities of ancient Ionia, an island of rare natural and historic beauty, impresses not only with the nice beaches and the rich plantation but also with the big old houses of rare architecture (mansions).  Medieval villages built with local stone, archaeological places, museums, monasteries famous for their history as well as people full of joy and hospitality.  The visitors can also supply themselves with various local products, many of which are exported all over Europe.

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