Sporades, a heaven in the Aegean Sea
Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonnisos, Skyros, Kyra-Panagia, Peristera, Skantzoura and many more smaller…..

Beautiful islands with crystal blue sea waters, golden beaches and the smell of the green pinewoods, as well as marvelous desert little islands with mild winds suitable for sailing.

yacht charterShort cruises with lots of stops in wonderful bays, safe anchoring for staying overnight, for swimming, diving, fishing and fantastic nights under the starry sky that will charm you.
An excellent choice even for inexperienced people or families with small children.
Also found here is the Marine Park for the protection of the Mediterranean seal (monahous-monahous) and many dolphins with desire to play around with the sailing boats.



It is the most famous and worldly island of the north Sporades and one of the most cosmopolitan of the Aegean, with rich plantation and many beaches, organized and not, with sand or pebbles, as well as small islands accessible by sailing boat.  Hora, which is also the harbor of Skiathos, despite its touristic growth has not lost its local color, offering a variety of restaurants, bars and café scattered in a labyrinth of narrow little streets in the picturesque center of the old town.


The Mama mia island (where the remake of the Mama mia movie was filmed).

sailing greeceAn island with thick plantation from one side to the other, with lots of pine trees, olive trees and plum trees.  The capital of Skopelos (Hora) built amphitheatrically above the harbor forms a labyrinth of narrow little streets to walk around. The amazing anchoring sites of the south, the beaches, the clear sea in Stafylos, Agnontas, Panormos, Milia, Kastani, Loutraki and the magic little bays where the pine trees reach the seashore offering their shadow, in an idyllic way where you can enjoy superb sunsets.  The north part of the island with the wild, steep rocks over the seaside, but nice bays like Agios Giannis of Castri (where the remake of the Mama mia movie was filmed) and Glysteri. Visit also many monasteries and old churches.

Αlonnisos and Marine Park

alonissos mapAlonnissos together with Peristera, Kyra-Panagia and Skantzoura are the islands that will captivate you from the moment you anchor there, offering visitors the chance to really feel closer to nature.  The stone made old town (Palia Hora) with the magnificent view, one of the best in the area, which is situated 3 km from the harbor, gazes from above to the open sea.  Open your sails and cruise in the marine park of Alonnisos, the uninhabited islands of Peristera, Kyra-Panagia, Skatzoura and enjoy the magic of the beaches and the bays with the green waters, accessible only by boat and not from the land.  Anchor there safely to spent the night over and enjoy swimming, diving, fishing and amazing nights under the charm of the starlight sky. Take a closer look and admire the various endangered species, like the Mediterranean seal monahous-monahous, the dolphins, the hawks, and the goats in the island of Gioura.


The southern island of Sporades.  It offers superb beaches like Atsitsa, Pefko, Kalamitsa, very green mountains and fruitfull fields.  In the southern part of the island you can find a unique species throughout the world, the wild, small-sized horses of Skyros, which live there free.  In the capital of the island (Hora), which is situated 10 km away from the harbor it is worth wandering in the narrow streets paved with flagstones and enjoy the magnificent view. Finally, the famous carved in wood decorating objects of Skyros are real pieces of Art.




skopelos map, aegeo sailing greece

skopelos map, sailing skopelos



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